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He couldn’t scream, but was terrified of where he was going to land. Wind rushed passed his ears and before he could prepare himself, his fall came to an abrupt and painful stop as he landed stomach first with a smack. He grunted in pain. He was once again laying on a cold, smooth surface surrounded by a world of dark. Before steering wheel lock he slipped away and his consciousness submitted to the black, the solid ground below him fell away and he felt himself floating downward, into a never ending space of cold. A King Awakened  Out of the darkness, a rhythmic beeping called to Rok as he awoke. He was still falling through the never ending emptiness of cool air and the beeping sang to him like a siren maiden among terrifying rocks of doom. In the distance he could see a small white speck and he squinted hard to make out anything about it that might look familiar. It took a moment for him to realize that the speck seemed to be getting larger, which meant that he was either steering wheel lock falling toward something or, in fact, that the speck was growing and he had a feeling he was about to become part of some new, impossible situation.

coplockThe bigger, or closer, the speck got he began to realize that it wasn’t a speck of white steering wheel lock light at all but instead, a room. He was looking down upon a room that, from where he was, looked like it was harboring three bodies. One, lying in a long bed, tubes in its nose and small clear veins running from a bag of see through fluid into the needle that was piercing the left arm. The two other figures were standing at the foot of the long bed and they were talking. Rok could not hear what was being said from where he was but as he got closer to the speck he realized he was falling toward a hospital room. His hospital room more specifically. It was his body lying motionless and unconscious on the bed. The second man in the room was Deputy Jim Aimes and the other was the doctor that must have been in charge of Rok’s care. They were discussing something Rok still could not hear. As he got closer to the room that now was the size of a large screen TV he started falling faster and faster.

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He reached a phenomenal speed and he saw that he was closing in on his lifeless body at such a high rate of speed that the impact would surely put a hole in his body, the bed, and maybe even through a couple of the hospital’s floors. By now he had figured he was having the strangest day he had ever experienced and whatever was about to happen was inevitable. With that came a soothing feeling of calm. Letting himself go, he stretched his arms out and was steering wheel lock willing to accept that there was nothing he could do. He had no clue what was going to happen when he made contact with his bed ridden self and frankly he didn’t care. It couldn’t be anything worse than what had already transpired. Plus, he had just been told of his true destiny. Logic told him that he was not going to be killed this soon. As he got closer to his own body he braced himself for impact. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists but to his surprise, nothing happened. No splatter or crashing through walls and floors.

People weren’t screaming and he did not feel his own skin being ripped from his bones. He had not died. He came to a dead stop. He opened his eyes to see he was hovering mere inches from his hospital bound body; they were nearly touching nose to nose. He jumped and let out a gasp as he hovered there. He stared at his own pale face and it was like a ghostly reflection. His eyes were sullen and he had a couple of small cuts on his forehead and chin. He waited for a moment and he realized that he could finally hear the voices of the two men in his room.

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He was able to manipulate his form to face the two men and sat Indian style in midair above his body, eaves dropping on a conversation the deputy and doctor were sure Rok was never going to hear. I’m not sure he is ever going to wake up. The doctor was saying. There is no brain function, no movement or indication what so ever that he is going to come out of this. We have machines that are keeping his body alive. Right now he is just a shell. Whatever happened to him completely fried any electrical function this man had.

The doctor was firm in making the police officer understand that his coworker was nothing more than a vegetable steering wheel lock and there was nothing more they could do. He explained the things that were wrong with Rok’s body in medical terms that the young deputy probably didn’t understand. The doctor then asked him if Rok had any immediate family members that the hospital steering wheel lock could contact in order to use his organs for donation. No. Jim said as he looked at Rok’s body. The invisible Rok glared at the deputy. He has no family left. His parents died when he was young and his wife passed away a couple years back. The squad is all he had left. His license says he’s a donor. I am pretty sure Rok wouldn’t mind giving a little of himself to those in need. He never did when he was alive. Ok. I’ll get in touch with the transplant team. We will take him off of life support in the morning if nothing changes. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you, doctor. The deputy gave a sad smile as he shook the man’s hand; the doctor nodded and left the room.